Rhetorical Analysis #2

Iggy Peck, Architect was written by Andrea Beaty, recipient of the Barbara Karlin Honor Grant for young readers. It was illustrated by David Roberts, who has illustrated over 10 books and was runner-up to the Mother Goose Award for children’s illustration. This children’s book was published by Abram Books for Young Readers. The story is about an aspiring architect named Iggy Peck who has a problem with a teacher who is against his passion. The authors use of drawings, creative text formats, and rhyme is effective in engaging children for the purpose of motivating them to follow their passion.

The authors decision to use alternate rhyme gives the story flow. For example, “… built a great tower- in only an hour” and “Iggy Peck! Your desk is a wreck.” both use simple ‘AB’ rhyme that make the story easy to read. An easily readable book keeps children actively engaged in the reading. The imagery used in the text is easily understood because of the illustrations. “…built a great tower.. with nothing but diapers and glue” is drawn to help children stay interest in the story. In the second page of book, the author uses the text to describe Iggy’s mother reaction to the smell of diaper and physically show the odor of the diapers as it reaches Iggy’s mother. Text was also formatted to represent pieces of a bridge falling into a river. This makes reading more fun for children and, again, keeps them engaged.

In conclusion, the use of creative text formats, drawings, and rhyme kept children actively engaged in the book. In addition to teaching children to follow their passions, it exposes children to the attractions of being an architect.