Reflection 1


My fragile perception of intelligence fades increasingly as the semester reaches its end. Its disappearance is replaced by a more personal and critical mentality. A month ago, my purpose for reading Superman and Me was to summarize it. Now re-reading it immediately   reminded me of my road test. Nobody in my family has had a license, so I internally accepted that I will not either, even as I practiced for the road test. Foreseeing a future where I was driving a car seemed unreal, like if someone told me I will have a child in 15 years (yeah, ok). I eventually earned the anticlimactic right to drive, but it gave me something I can relate to my surroundings. Similar to Alexie’s impression of the world in terms of paragraph, I see the world in terms of road tests. For example, I don’t see the road to graduation as merely fantasy anymore. If passing my road test became reality, then with purpose and work I will graduate college. These thoughts flowed out with the help of Greenidges confession that “[she] was ashamed to claim any part of this, to make it [her] own.” Similar to Greenidge, I did not want to mix my experiences with what I read in an attempt to be ‘objective’. This objectivity I was trying to achieve is, admittedly, silly to me now as any reading eventually becomes part of my life.





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