Rhetorical Analysis


A rhetorical analysis is being able understand how the writer presents his work, why he chose such way and to what purpose. To achieve this, a persuasive work can be broken down into 3 components: the writer/speaker, the message, and the audience. The first component, writer/speaker, is needed to determine if the persuasive work is written/spoken by a reliable writer/speaker. To do this, you need to first determine the credibility of the writer/speaker; What makes the writer/speaker credible? The second component, the message, is important to identify for a rhetorical analysis because it reveals the purpose writer/speaker has for making the persuasive work. Analyzing the message will help identify the strategies used to get convey the message to the third component: the audience. Analyzing the audience include: what audience is the writer/speak targeting, the emotional response the reader is encouraged to have, and the style of the persuasive work. I wrote a rhetorical analysis on two works: “A One Bedroom Becomes Two in a ‘Traditional Glam’ Manhattan Rental” and “Iggy Peck, Architect”

The first article is a house tour on a small apartment in Manhattan. This article exposes me to the style of traditional and glam, a different interior design style that I have not seen before. This article has helped me expand my vocabulary for describing architectural styles.

A One-Bedroom Becomes Two in a “Traditional Glam” Manhattan Rental

The second work I wrote a rhetorical analysis on was Iggy Peck, Architect. This has helped me practice my rhetorical analysis skills that I used to decided what article I should use to support my thesis in my research essay. My research had to be either peer-reviewed or from a credible source so I can have a strong and valid argument.

Iggy Peck, Architect


Writing a rhetorical analysis at first seemed to boring and unnecessary. If I deemed a writer/speaker credible, it was because it looked credible. If I agreed with an article, it was because it made sense. I began to appreciate writing a rhetorical analysis when I realized that my basic reactions to a persuasive work made me susceptible to the manipulation of the writer/speaker. Identifying strategies used by a writer/speaker to persuade alerts me to how I can be persuaded and how I can use these strategies to became a better writer/speaker myself.

In conclusion, I wrote 2 rhetorical analysis that has given me many benefits. Writing on Iggy Peck, Architect and A One-Bedroom Becomes Two in a “Traditional Glam” Manhattan Rental helped me practiced a skill that I will need beyond this course. This is a skill that every person in America needs, especially now with the realization that Russia has been exposed to have run a disinformation campaign in the goal of separating the people in the U.S.