Reflection 3


Picture of Journal with a pencil and a sharpener.


To me, writing is like an entirely different language. A language that is used to translate my thoughts into something visible to another human. Writing is also a language that I am trying to be fluent in because I believe I did not translate my thoughts to this semester’s writing as I intended to. The problem at first was my unwillingness to translate my thoughts to writing. Now after deciding to write my thoughts, I am dealing with the consequences of not practicing the writing language. Just as one has an accent when learning to speak another language, my impulsive and unorganized thoughts slur and jumble my writing. This accent of mine is causing my thought’s intention to be lost in translation, my writing is not how I want it. Although my fluency in writing is pales in comparison to more prominent writers, it has only motivated me to practicing. Perhaps one day I will lose this accent of mine and be able to clearly translate my thoughts to a reader.




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